Order Prints @ Flickr

I have written many times about Flickr, the photo storage and sharing web site and community. I think it is the single best addition to the internet in many years. In fact, I did a little experiment and tried to drag my friends and family into the 21st century by getting them to appreciate and use Flickr (the experiment was a total failure, but that had zero to do with Flickr and is a topic for another day).

Today’s news is that Flickr has added the one feature that it needed to add to become the undisputed king of photo sites- the ability to order prints. Like everything else at Flickr, this feature was added seamlessly and with many options.

With this addition, you can easily order posters and glossy photo books, prints and even postage stamps, right from the Flickr page. You can select who can order prints of your photos (friends and family or anyone) just like you can select who can see your photos.

Flickr is simply brilliant. If you are a digital photographer and would like to share them with the people you select, Flickr is simply the only choice.

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