Black Squirrels

blacksquirrelThe BBC has an article about a rare black squirrel that regularly visits a garden in England.

I saw a black squirrel when I was a kid. One afternoon, after school, my mom and I were driving from my hometown to my mom’s hometown a couple of hours away. The route leads through a lot of pine forests. Somehow my mom noticed the squirrel foraging around near the edge of the woods beside the road. She stopped the car and backed up along the shoulder. We slipped out of the car and watched the squirrel for a few minutes.

I hadn’t thought about that squirrel in a long time until the other day when Cassidy asked me if there were red or black squirrels. I told her there were and that I had seen a black one one time. Then a few days later I see a link to this story on Robert Gale’s web site.

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