2 Very Different Movie Recommendations

I have two very different movie recommendations.

I have always loved horror movies. I remember being scared for weeks after watching The Fly with my mom and sister. Since then, I’ve seen more horror movies that almost anyone I know.

Until recently, the last movie to really scare me was The Ring. I’m not sure I can explain why, but that movie really gave me the creeps. I watched it in a hotel room when I was in Dallas speaking at a real estate seminar. The images stayed with me for days.

boogymanWell, last night I happened across a movie called Boogyman. I almost didn’t watch it because it got trashed by a lot of people at IMDB, generally a good reference for possible movies to watch. But there was nothing else on, so I gave it a try. And it was very creepy. In fact it has a similar mood and feel as the prior movie. More than once I actually jumped out of my seat. Granted, the ending was a little unsatisfactory (not uncommon in the genre), but the first 80 minutes is very, very scary. I actually thought I had figured it out (when the main guy and Kate were driving back to the hotel) and had my suspicion been correct (that he was the boogyman, but didn’t know it), it might have been an even better movie. But it’s still a good one if you like scary movies.

Tonight, I am watching a new John Wayne movie. That’s right, after thinking for years that I have seen every John Wayne movie ever made, AMC is showing two restored movies that haven’t been shown on TV for decades. Tonight it’s Island in the Sky. Sort of a Flight of the Phoenix (the original Jimmy Stewart one, not the horrible remake) thing, but in the ice and snow as opposed to the desert.

Even better, another long unavailable but recently restored John Wayne film, The High and the Mighty, will be shown tomorrow.

Good things on TV at a point when the pickings are pretty slim.