Old Scrapbook, New Video


I’ve been in the (slow) process of scanning old photographs and adding them to our more recent digital ones. Otherwise the prints will be rarely seen and eventually lost. As part of this process, I came across some of my deceased parents’ old scrapbooks.

In order to preserve the layout and intent of the scrapbooks, I scanned them a page at a time, except for my dad’s World War II scrapbook which was too big to fit on my scanner. So I scanned that one a half page at a time and then created individual jpegs of each photo and the corresponding description (where there was one). This took approximately forever, so I decided I should go the extra step and make a short video out of the results.

As I worked on this project I again came to realize how hard it is for someone of my generation to appreciate how heroic these guys were. They were farm boys and college kids who left the easiest time of their lives (college) to go to the most difficult (flying fighter planes off of the U.S.S. Intrepid). A lot of these photos look like movie stills, but they are the real thing, taken directly from the scrapbook.

As I have mentioned previously, dad was a highly decorated fighter pilot, receiving 2 air medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Not bad for a country boy in his early twenties.