Rancho Radio Cracks Top 20

In a little over 2 months since we relaunched Rancho Radio, it has moved steadily up the charts. Yesterday it cracked the Top 20, becoming the 20th most popular Americana station in the Live365 family.

Americana is a broad category, covering basic Americana, bluegrass, folk, alternative country and more. Since I wrote the script that selects the weekly playlist automatically out of our 26,000 song library, the number of listeners has grown significantly. My guess is that is because we are playing a lot of deep album cuts from our extensive alternative country catalog.

Give Rancho Radio a listen. If you like it, tell your friends about it. We’d love to see it move up the number 1!

Update:  Rancho Radio is now Newsome.fm.

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New Rancho Radio Set


For the second week in a row, I picked the songs for this week’s playlist at random from our alt. country library. Last week, I was really pleased with the mix. I heard a bunch of good cuts that I wouldn’t have thought to add had I done the set manually. I also received a good bit of positive feedback from listeners. So, once again, a new random set from our 26,000 song library.

Rancho Radio Rocks


I uploaded a completely new playlist to Rancho Radio tonight. About 16 hours worth of great Alt. Country, Americana and Classic Rock.

Consistent with the recent trend, this set rocks a little more than some of the older ones. There are a few Allman Brothers cuts as well as some other southern boogie. There’s also the usual supply of great alternative country.

Calling all Ears

If I’m going to talk about music from time to time, I ought to at least let you hear a little bit of what I’m talking about.

The Jukebox has returned (Update: and now gone again) at least temporarily. At the moment it has a few of the songs I’ve mentioned lately. The music is not downloadable. Take a listen and if you like this music as much as I do, buy the CD (we have a rotating list of recommendations on the right side of this page).

Now you can see just how hard Southbound rocks and why Elizabeth Reed made me a huge Allman Brothers fan. Cold Mountain (Col. Bruce Hampton) rocks pretty good too.

Again, if you enjoy the same sort of music I do, you can listen to songs from our huge library of songs legally and free by tuning into Rancho Radio.

Rancho Radio – Major Improvements

Three reasons you should tune into Rancho Radio right now:

1) We have done a major upgrade to the web page and the server. We now have a real time “Last 10 Songs” playlist on the web page. We also have a current, active playlist of 275 of the best alt. country and Americana songs you’ve ever heard (that’s 18 hours worth) . We are now broadcasting in MP3 Pro format, which results in increased fidelity.

2) We have a new playlist each week, chosen from our library of over 26,000 songs. We’ve spent all of our spending cash on records since around 1969, and you can enjoy all of that music with us.

3) Rancho Radio is totally free.

Take a listen, and if you agree that Rancho Radio is the best alt. country station on the net, tell your friends about it.

Update:  Rancho Radio is now Newsome.fm.  Still awesome, still free.

The Return of Rancho Radio


I took Rancho Radio off the air late last year, after a 5+ year run. It required more time and money than I wanted to devote to a radio station that was loved by a few, but unknown to most. I decided to bring it back for a limted run and see how it does. Here’s the new deal. We will have a rotating playlist of 30-50 songs (out of the many thousand in the Rancho DeNada library). We’ll change the playlist every week or so and post a note here about the theme, content, etc. It’s free and it sounds good.

This week we have a mix of alternative country and classic rock. One of my favorite classic rock songs, Ten Years After‘s I’ve Been There Too is included, as are a few by Steve Pride. I added one track from the Ryan Adams album discussed below and a couple by the Star Room Boys. Enjoy, and if you do, let me hear from you. Otherwise this might really be The Last Days of Rancho Radio!

Click here to listen. No special software required. You have to register with Live365.Com, but it’s easy fast and free.

Update:  Rancho Radio is now Newsome.fm.