Rancho Radio – Major Improvements

Three reasons you should tune into Rancho Radio right now:

1) We have done a major upgrade to the web page and the server. We now have a real time “Last 10 Songs” playlist on the web page. We also have a current, active playlist of 275 of the best alt. country and Americana songs you’ve ever heard (that’s 18 hours worth) . We are now broadcasting in MP3 Pro format, which results in increased fidelity.

2) We have a new playlist each week, chosen from our library of over 26,000 songs. We’ve spent all of our spending cash on records since around 1969, and you can enjoy all of that music with us.

3) Rancho Radio is totally free.

Take a listen, and if you agree that Rancho Radio is the best alt. country station on the net, tell your friends about it.

Update:  Rancho Radio is now Newsome.fm.  Still awesome, still free.