The Return of Rancho Radio


I took Rancho Radio off the air late last year, after a 5+ year run. It required more time and money than I wanted to devote to a radio station that was loved by a few, but unknown to most. I decided to bring it back for a limted run and see how it does. Here’s the new deal. We will have a rotating playlist of 30-50 songs (out of the many thousand in the Rancho DeNada library). We’ll change the playlist every week or so and post a note here about the theme, content, etc. It’s free and it sounds good.

This week we have a mix of alternative country and classic rock. One of my favorite classic rock songs, Ten Years After‘s I’ve Been There Too is included, as are a few by Steve Pride. I added one track from the Ryan Adams album discussed below and a couple by the Star Room Boys. Enjoy, and if you do, let me hear from you. Otherwise this might really be The Last Days of Rancho Radio!

Click here to listen. No special software required. You have to register with Live365.Com, but it’s easy fast and free.

Update:  Rancho Radio is now