Weekend Mix: 2/15/19

I hated the launch presentation of Apple Music with the power of a thousand super-novas. It was the worst presentation I’ve ever seen. Ever.

But after being a power user of Spotify since the beta, I am thinking about moving to Apple Music. Here’s my profile for those interested in some curated alt. county music.

But between Apple Shortcuts, the ability to (at least more) easily add my own MP3s, and HomePod playback…

Here’s some music for your weekend.

Honest to the Point of Recklessness

It’s hard to pick my favorite Grateful Dead song.  I named my first-born after one.  I’ve listened to many others hundreds of times.

But if you make me pick one, it would be Althea.

If you haven’t seen it, binge watch Long Strange Trip (on Amazon Prime).  A must-watch for anyone who likes music, and anyone who wants to understand the importance of the Dead in American music.

Bonus: It’s audio only, but many people, including me, believe that the best Althea ever was this one, from 1980.

Here’s my personal Dead playlist.  All live.