RanchoCast – September 22, 2006 Edition

No particular theme- just great music.

I play some great, hard to find songs by Guadalcanal Diary, Love Tractor, Country Joe McDonald, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show and more. The rare vinyl segment consists of a great Stoney Edwards number and one by Leon Russell I bet you’ve never heard.

If you enjoy the RanchoCast, a great mix of classic rock, alt. country, rare vinyl, blues and tech talk, please tell your friends about it.

RanchoCast – September 15, 2006 Edition

The All-Vinyl Edition

I’ve been converting some old, hard to find LPs to digital format lately, and now you get to hear the fruits of my efforts. All vinyl. All great songs. Most of which you’ve never heard.

I played a cover of Sixteen Tons that will blow you away, two gems by one of the most under appreciated psychedelic rock bands of all time, a classic by Bobby Bare, a song I used to hear all the time on WOWO back when it was a music station, a song by the greatest guitar player you’ve never heard of, and much more.

Tech talk covered the Web 2.0 myth of infinite advertising and how to convert LPs to MP3s.

Good stuff, so check it out.

RanchoCast – September 2, 2006 Edition

I did a new podcast tonight.

No particular theme, just some good songs and a little tech talk.

I played great songs by Hem, Chris Mills, Steve Fromholz, Trout Fishing in America, Mark Barker and others. We finished with a blues jam by Crosscut.

Techtalk covered the Foo Camp invitation-only discussion.

RanchoCast – The Dedication Edition

I did a new podcast tonight.

In honor of the lovefest that resulted from the newest gatekeeper discussions, the theme was the Dedication Edition.

I played great songs by Wagon, the Push Stars, World Party, Cowboy Junkies, Richard Shindell, Blind Faith and more. Each song was dedicated to a blogger, including Shel Israel, Robert Scoble, Seth Finkelstein, Mike Arrington and others.

RanchoCast – August 11, 2006 Edition

I did a new podcast tonight. It started out without a particular theme, but quickly turned into the River Edition, as I played songs inspired by our recent trip to the Frio River.

I’m hoarse from too much fun at the river, but managed to introduce some great songs by the Hangdogs, Jesse Dayton, Johnny Cash, Mother Hips, Julie Miller and others.