Latest Podcast: The Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show #033


Show number 033 of The Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show is up.  EELS is Dave Wallace and Mike Seyfang‘s podcast.  I recently joined them as a co-host.

Naked Biff, of Naked Yak fame, joined us for this show. The four of us talked about talk about Biff’s company, Naked, a start-up company working on a new open messaging service. The conversation about Naked’s open messaging service led to a discussion about social networking, the need for user-defined flexibility between openness and privacy, the need for trust in the social networking space, methods to bring business to networking as a business enhancement, and the focus on content over platform.

It was a fun show.  Listen or download here.

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Exciting Podcast News


I am happy and honored to announce that my pals Dave Wallace and Mike Seyfang have asked me to join them as a regular on their excellent Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show podcast.  We did a show the night before last, which is available here.

You may recall that I was a guest on the show back in May.  It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to being a regular on the show.

On the most recent show, we talked about social networks, business models and the human desire to stay connected with friends and family.  Dave and Mike are smart guys, and we don’t always agree on stuff- which makes for fun conversations.  I’ll be inviting some folks from my blog roll to be guests on future shows, so stay tuned.

Oh, and if you have trouble telling who’s who on the show, I’m the one with the funny accent 🙂

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RanchoCast – 6/9/07 Edition

I just uploaded a surprise edition of the RanchoCast podcast (it was a surprise to me, at least, as I thought it might be on permanent hiatus).

I played some great music by Lloyd Cole, Charlie Robison, the Gourds, Manassas and others.  Give it a listen.

I don’t know if this means the RanchoCasts are back or not.  My current thinking is that I need to either team up with one or two other people or have a rotating panel of guests.  My ideal format would be a mix of music and tech talk.

I know the microphone sounds crappy.  The Logitech 350 that works so well in Skype seems to skip a little when recording to my hard drive.

The Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show

I was a guest on last night’s edition of Dave Wallace and Mike Seyfang‘s The Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show podcast.  The show is up and available.  Go give us a listen!

We talked about blogging, networks, music, RSS, Facebook, MySpace, podcasting and all sorts of other interesting topics.

I really enjoyed it, and would welcome the opportunity to guest on more podcasts.

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RanchoCast – October 13, 2006 Edition

I did a new podcast Friday night.

I played some great songs by 5 Chinese Brothers, Asylum Street Spankers, the Bodeans, Blaze Foley, Traffic, Utopia and others.  I also played the most beautiful instumental song I have ever heard.  The finale was a blues jam by Taj Mahal.

No tech talk, but I did make some book and video recommendations.