Two Minute Movie Review: Passengers (2016)

I watched Passengers last night. Here’s my quick review.

Title: Passengers
Director: Morten Tyldum
Genre: Sci-Fi

Why I watched it:
Slim pickings as far as new iTunes movies go lately, and I like science fiction. And Jennifer Lawrence.

Interesting fact:
There are references to The Shining throughout.  Similar vibe at the beginning.

Watchable. Not great.  Very little science.  Lots of fiction.

Something I liked about it:
Arthur, the bartender.  Loss of gravity in the swimming pool.

Something I didn’t like about it:
Lots of absurdly soft science, especially near the end.

Rating: ★★

Wally’s take:
He was unimpressed.  He’s only a dog, but even he knew some of that stuff would never, ever happen.

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