Evening Reading: 3/27/14



This is a promising project.  The only thing I dislike about my beloved iMac is the placement of the ports on the back.  It’s hard to connect devices by feel, so I end up turning the screen around and displacing things on my desk.

I cannot believe I just read something that combines two of my favorite things: farming and going paperless. Brooks Duncan and his work at Document Snap are among the best productivity-enhancing resources on the internet. Highly recommended. Brooks, if you see this, will you please, for the love of all that is paperless, create a foolproof Hazel or Automator process for batch converting Word documents to pdf? I can create automations to do amazingly complex workflows, but I have not found a way to create a reliable folder action (or a reliable Automator service) that will convert to pdf.

I love the specs of this new WD external hard drive. I don’t love the price, but it will come down.

Here’s a great article on using Google Drive to capture ideas and other data for later processing. I’m still mad at Google for killing Reader, but given that I’m all-in with their (now very affordable) storage, I might, just maybe, look at Google Keep again.

This is great news.  Tucker and Dale is a hilarious movie.

Speaking of sequels, Christine McVie is back.

Can we all agree, once and for all, that ad-supported isn’t free.  It’s just payment in kind (of time).  I would much rather pay a little money than see (as in notice, much less watch) ads.



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  1. Thank you, brother. I have set up many complex things with Hazel, much thanks to your excellent online Hazel course (which I bought and highly recommend), but this has been difficult. I can get Hazel to call an Applescript that is supposed to convert the documents, but Word opens and then stalls.

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