Evening Reading: 3/26/14


Office should have been on iPads years ago. It’s probably too late now. I may try it, but not if I have to use (whatever they call) Office365 (this week).

I think App Camp for Girls is wonderful. If it ever comes to Texas, my girls are going.

I’m cranking through The Sopranos on the treadmill. It’s great TV. I watched The Test Dream last night. It’s one of the best TV episodes ever. It replaced the also excellent Pine Barrens as my favorite episode so far.

North Korea cracks me up. Here’s more.

This happened in Houston, yesterday.  We could see the fire from my office downtown.


David Gewirtz has updated his excellent Google Voice how-to guide.  Highly recommended.

Very interesting read- going behind the scenes with Nigerian scammers. I have little sympathy for those who fall for this sort of thing. But I have mad love for those who make hilarity with them. There are laughs to be had there.