Evening Reading: 3/25/14


I really don’t care that the government is (allegedly) reading my emails and keeping a thick file on my exciting correspondence. And I don’t care that all the cloud services (not really, but people think) claim all my stuff that lands there. But I absolutely hate it when people email me with read receipt requests. I always say no, and mentally put that person on a list of people to wonder about. So anyone who uses this on me will be banned from communicating with me.

Honestly, sometimes I think so-called (but not by my definition) Christians are trying to alienate people. It’s a shame when people (like me) who believe in God are hesitant to call themselves Christians because they don’t want to be associated with the haters that have co-opted so much of organized religion.

If you haven’t watched Vikings, you’re in for a treat. I really like it. Dude was crazy, though, letting his (extremely hot and warrior-like) wife split.

Yes, there is way too much smoking in rural areas. It’s a close cousin of the biggest rural problem- littering. Anyone who litters and anyone under 60 who smokes is an idiot. Period. No exceptions. It’s just not as cool as you think it is. And it will kill you.

Speaking of things I don’t care about, can we please never talk about Edward Snowden again? I just don’t care.

New app fist impressions: I’m coming around pretty good on DayOne (especially with some added IFTTT/Dropbox hacks).  OmniFocus, not so much. Maybe David Sparks’ screen casts will help, but here’s the thing- if I have to work hard to use your app, then by definition it’s not making my life easier.

I’m going pretty much all-in with Google Drive, thanks to the huge cost reductions. Lifehacker shows you how to make it a media server.  Speaking of Google, I still do my primary off-site backups to Amazon via AWS, but it looks like Google is moving on that space too. Regardless, it will be hard to top the AWS/Arq combo for backing up massive amounts of data.

WordPress.Com continues to prove it is the best blog/website hosting service in the world. It’s now ridiculously easy to create audio playlists.

This is well-deserved. My love of tech in general and computers specifically was nurtured writing basic code and doing early automation in DOS. I still remember how cool it was when you wrote some code, finally found all the errors, and watched it work.

PDF Printer looks like an interesting app. I’m still looking for the ideal iOS to pdf/scanned toolbox.