Evening Reading: 3/11/14


OK, I have a new favorite podcast.  Mac Power Users.  If you have a Mac, you need to listen to all of these.  I’ve been binge listening.  If you still use a Windows machine, you also need to listen to all of these to help you understand what you’re missing.  Here’s the feed and the iTunes link.

This Flappy Bird cat is doing a great job of marketing.  Seriously.  Yes, I tried it.  My high score was 1, and it took me several attempts to set it.

All I can say is anyone who actually prefers iTunes radio to Spotify hasn’t used Spotify.  I love Apple, but pretty much everything about iTunes sucks.  If you like good music, here’s my primary curated Spotify playlist.

That’s not just the best holiday movie ever made, it’s also chock full of socialist dogma!

How to get rid of telemarketers.  Some dude called me the other day wanting to recommend stocks for me to buy.  Rather than engage him on the very legitimate question of who would buy a stock just because some stranger called him on the phone, I took a new approach.  He said he wanted to send me some “market recommendations.”  I said “what sort of market are we talking about?”  He said “the stock market?”  I asked “you mean cattle and pork and whatnot?”  He said “no, stocks of companies.”  I said “nah, man, that’s just for rich people.”  He actually laughed and said goodbye.  True story.

World Science U makes me happy.

Looks like Mac users will finally get updated Microsoft Office apps this year.  I really like Pages, but the corporate world runs on Office.