Evening Reading: 3/10/14


Confessions of a Disgraced Crowdfunder.  I backed Instacube, and gave up on getting one many months ago.  Even if I do eventually get one, there’s little chance it won’t seem dated from the first use.  I don’t care anymore, but the excuse that “the product hasn’t shipped yet because the reality of hardware development is that hardware is hard,” is a load of crap.  Instacube sought $250K, and raised over $620K.  That was enough money to overcome a lot of “hard.”  Having said that, I have obtained a lot of really cool stuff via Kickstarter.  I’m sold on the platform, just not the excuses.

The only people who don’t want to kill all the feral hogs are city-dwelling yuppies who think they’re all like Babe.  They’re not.  They are extremely disruptive.  Here’s an app to help destroy as many as possible.

iOS 7.1 is here.  Macworld has more.  I can’t wait to use CarPlay.

On the other hand, Neil can keep his iPod substitute.  An iPhone man don’t need him around anyhow.

Interesting read on that kid who killed all those babies in Connecticut.  Even if that symphony of warning bells could have been missed or misinterpreted, to add a slew of accessible guns to the mix is stunningly idiotic.  But it’s not about gun control, either.  It comes down to obsession.  Guns are tools.  Like pliers.  Use guns and pliers for reasonable purposes?  No problem.  Obsess over guns or pliers, or cats?  Crazy.  Fill your house up with crazy people and accessible guns?  Insane.  This was a tragic storm of bad decisions.

Well, there are 29 places I still need to go see.  Lots of cool places on that list.

This is crap, because the implication is that divine intervention put those other people on there.  Again, I love God.  I just dislike about 80% of what human beings say about God.