Evening Reading: 2/28/14


I don’t have many rules, but one of them is never get between two angry bulls.  I’ve seen them take out more than one fence.  I just about got caught up in a melee this afternoon on my walk.


I could not agree more that Apple needs to fix its photo workflow, and not just as it relates to sharing.  I love iPhoto.  I have two iMacs, a MacBook Air, and iPhone and an iPad I use regularly.  And I have four (all but the iPad, with which I take no photos) overlapping, but separate iPhoto libraries.  The idea of trying to lasso and organize four separate iPhoto structures into albums and folders is overwhelming.  I’m never going to do it.  I want all my photos on (at least) the iMacs, and I want folders and albums to be synchronized.

Lifehacker has a really good read on talking to your kids about drugs.

Here’s how to share your Mac’s wi-fi connection.  Good for hotels and airports.

Am I the only person who is completely uninterested in the Oscars?  My level of apathy with respect to these sorts of awards is only slightly lower than my level of apathy about the train-wreck that is Wake Forest basketball.

If you’re looking for a good, reasonably priced bluetooth wireless speaker, this one from Amazon is so good I bought three of them and placed them all over.  Like reading glasses.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, in my Facebook news feed needs to study this post.

Tim Cook tells climate change deniers to get out of Apple stock.  Can they take the 5,000 year old earth believers with them?  I guarantee you the overlap between those who don’t believe in global warming and those who believe in literal creationism is huge.

Reason number 537 why I love Reddit.