Evening Reading: 2/27/14


This is why I will never, ever and without exception no matter what make a donation to anyone who calls me on the telephone or knocks on my door.

True Detective is a phenomenal show, maybe the best thing on TV.  If you aren’t watching it, consider yourself lucky.  You can binge watch in one marathon session.


Fred Wilson is a smart dude, so maybe I’m being chicken little about this Bitcoin business, but I still don’t see why we need some super-secret currency that no one understands, and which is guarded by the keystone cops.  I just don’t see how this is ever going to go mainstream, why I should care if it doesn’t and how it would improve the world if it did.  More from PandoDaily.  Even more, from Re/code.

Now, for something that really matters.  Joby Ogwyn is going to jump off Mount Everest in a wingsuit.

mirskywothgHacks has a good read about tech blogs that have shuffled off (more or less) this mortal internet.  I was a big Download Squad (death by AOL) fan, and a regular CyberNet News (I see that Ryan Wagner is still around) reader.  I would try to think of some more, but every time I start thinking about shuttered web sites, I start missing Mirsky’s Worst of the Web again.


I was (am?) a huge Brady Bunch fan.  I’ve seen every episode at least once, and I’ve read Barry Williams’ book.  I think it has to do with the way they turned two bad situations into a good one.  And I liked that attic bedroom.  And Marsha.  Here are 14 Facts You Might Not Know About the Brady Bunch.  I learned four new things.  Including number 7.  Chatty Cathy, who knew?

Ubuntu smart phone?  Really?  Don’t get me wrong, competition is good.  But, really?  Maybe it will dual boot with Tizen.