Steve Miller Band – Steppin’ Stone

Those who only know the Steve Miller Band from Take the Money and Run forward missed their best work and the enduring reason why (some of) their music remains on the Rancho DeNada playlist.

Steve  Miller - Front

In 1968 the band played live at KPFA in Berkeley, California.  Included in the setlist was what I believe to be their best song.  The rocking Steppin’ Stone, from their 1968 record Children of the Future.  You might recognize the lead singer on this track.  Another guy whose far superior early work is overshadowed by his later commercial success.

3 thoughts on “Steve Miller Band – Steppin’ Stone

  1. Miller used to brag about teaching Boz to play guitar … that first Scaggs album has my second-favourite song of all time (Loan Me a Dime) and what I consider some of Duane Allman’s best work …

  2. I love that record. I actually learned about awesome Boz after Lido Boz. I couldn’t believe it was the same guy. I saw Boz at the height of his Lido fame and was surprised and blown away about what a great guitar player he was.

  3. I have to admit I don’t mind Lido Boz (and Come on Home was something of a return to his roots) but I initially came across the first album chasing down everything Duane Allman did, and found it well after Silk Degrees. I even took on the handle “Skydog” in a few places in a fit of wishful dreaming 🙂

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