Evening Reading: 1/23/13


Delaney saw some deer tracks, and decided she needed to carve a spear.  Maybe persistence hunting will be her next sport.

I think Y2K was the last time I was as militantly uninterested in something as I am in 3D printing.  In fact, reading things like this convinces me that someone has too much time on his hands.  Call me when you can print backwards or forwards in time.

I used to love to eat at Roy Rogers in college.  Tab, not so much.

So we have known for a while that the Surface RT sucks.  I still think the Surface Pro will be a nice device.  Would anyone with two brain cells to rub together prefer it to a MacBook Air?  Nope.  These things are going to be way too expensive.  TechCrunch is wrong about them being priced right, but right about the prior release of the Surface RT being wrong.

Google Apps are getting closer and closer to becoming a viable Microsoft Office alternative.  Here’s the thing, though.  No one needs an office suite at home any more.  Everything is done via email, Evernote and social networks.  And few big companies are going to abandon Office any time soon.  So it doesn’t really matter.  Office suites are the fax machines of this decade.

WikiCancel looks like a promising compilation of how to cancel accounts.

Here’s a cool slide show of Apple’s home page through the years.

Charlie Brown is doing his part to highlight the growing problem with rock violence in America.  We need rock control and we need it now.

The last meal of Lennox, the Boxer.



Well, at least I didn’t buy more Apple this week.  I thought long and hard about it.

Meanwhile, on the internet, it’s all about the headline…



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