There’s a New dB’s Record!!!!

This is huge!

I get a bunch of records to review, and discover and review a lot of good music that way.  But it’s not everyday that a new record by the original lineup of one of the best bands of all time hits my inbox.  But that just happened.

The dB’s have a new record!

15004 [Converted]

It gets better.  Lots better.  This record is excellent.  Better than excellent.  Wonderful.  Perfect.  Holsapple, Stamey, The frickin’ dB’s!

‘Falling Off the Sky’ is the first new dB’s album in a quarter-century. It’s also the first in three decades to feature the band’s original lineup of Peter Holsapple, Chris Stamey, Gene Holder and Will Rigby — the same lineup that recorded the beloved early-’80s classics for deciBels and Repercussion.

Street date is set for June 17 on Bar/None Records.

Listen to That Time is Gone for yourself.

Is that The dB’s or what?

The second track, Before We Were Born, is even better.  Far Away and Long Ago sounds like a great, undiscovered Beatles song.  There’s not an average song on this record.  It is excellent, from start to finish.  It’s a beautiful blend/mash-up of 80s alternative rock/indie rock/Americana.

She Won’t Drive in the Rain Anymore is as wonderful as its title.  Beautiful.  Wistful, like most great music.

Early leader for my record of the year.  If you buy one record this year, it should be two copies of this one.  One for you and another for some poor soul who doesn’t know about The dB’s.

I gotta go, so I can listen to this record over and over.

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