Google’s Music Store Looks Nice, But Thinks My Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash.

This post has a soundtrack.  Sadly, not one from Google Music.

I was all excited to read today that Google’s music store is open for business.  Though I love me some Apple, I do not love iTunes and do not buy my music there.  Historically, I have bought almost all my music from Amazon.  Those purchases get downloaded into a folder that is monitored by Google’s Music Manager, and then uploaded to Google Music, my current clear favorite in the musical cloud.

At least as it relates to managing and accessing your existing music.  Most of my actual music listening is done via Spotify.

So, I ran over to Google Music and started surfing the Music Store.  Other than a general dislike of the omnipotent Android name and logo (don’t own an Android device; tried one and found it underwhelming), it looks OK.  I decided to give it a try, and buy a great old record by Tandy.


And things went horribly wrong.  I had a major problem logging into the Google Music Store.  Clicking the Purchase button takes you to the following screen.


Clicking the Continue Button takes you to the following screen.


Clicking the Sign In Button takes you to the Google account sign in page.  Once you sign in, you end up back at the Continue screen.  Clicking the Continue Button takes you right back to the screen above.

Over and Over.  See how easy it is to access and link to Spotify?  But I digress.

Maybe this is some sort of a cookie-related thing.  Or maybe, but surely not, it’s another Google Apps thing.

So I logged out of my Google Apps account and tried the same thing with my old regular Google Account.  Thankfully for my karma, the same thing happened.  So I tried on another computer.  Same thing.

Maybe these are just opening day kinks.  I hope so.

If not, there’s always Amazon.