Dragon Express May be the App to Bring Voice Recognition to the Masses

dePrior to using Dragon [D]ictation on my iPhone and series Siri on my iPhone, I was very dubious of voice recognition applications.

However, once I experience[d] Dragon
[D]ictation and in series Siri, I realized that there may be more to voice recognition software than I first thought.

I am very excited about Dragon Express, the new $50 application for Macs. I am dictating this blog post using Dragon [E]xpress.

You can see the corrections I had to make. As you will see, Dragon Express does an excellent job of capturing my voice. This is especially impressive, given my southern drawl.

I don’t know how much I will use Dragon Express, but if these initial results are indicative of its capabilities, I expect how we I’ll use it fairly often.

I wish there was an easy way to insert URLs, or at least placeholders for links.

So far, I have to give Dragon Express in the phones a thumbs up.