Great Old Music: Fever Tree

When I was a kid, there were these things called newspapers.  Basically, someone took some wood pulp, pressed it into into thin sheets, wrote stuff on it, and sold it to you.  Crazy I know, but it really happened.

Today at work, I walked by my secretary’s desk, and lo and behold, there was one of those newspapers.  Just laying there.  Beside some compact discs, paper checks and Burma-Shave signs.  A cornucopia of dead technology.

Curious, I picked it up.  Before I could reminisce about how it must have been to get day old news in flimsy print format, I noticed another relic of the past.  I read that someone has uncovered a previously unreleased live record by Fever Tree, one of the best (of the 3 or 4) bands to come out of Houston, and it was going to be released next week.  Immediately, I dropped the newspaper, wiped the ink off my hands and ran to my computer to read about this.

It was true!

Not only that, but it turns out Fever Tree’s keyboard player is the organist for St. Luke’s.  That’s the local Methodist Church for rich people.  I go to the local Methodist Church for non-rich people, but Cassidy has attended drama camp and worked as a vacation bible school counselor at St. Luke’s.  So she may have met the guy who might have played on one of my favorite songs ever.


I can’t really explain why I dig that song so much, but I have, from the first time I heard it.

That record is not on Spotify, but here’s one (from 1968) that is.  There’s a good Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out cover on there.  Ninety-Nine and One Half rocks, as does Where Did You Go.  Good stuff.

Hopefully, I’ll get my hands on the new old record.  If so, I’ll do a review.

One thought on “Great Old Music: Fever Tree

  1. To me: Fever Tree embodies a dream we had of happy glory, of Love bigger than fear and bombs, of a world more important than the lies we were getting through “the news.” Thank you for reminding me. Am going to play the cassette I recorded from the original vinyl. Thank you Kent.
    P.S. When I hear “San Francisco Girls,” the water stillcomes into my eyes…

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