GoodSongs: Johnny Thunder

It’s sad and amazing how much really great music has faded out of print and into oblivion, as compared to all the crap that passes for new music these days.  Crap that will never fade into oblivion because it is born in digital format.

Need an example?

Johnny Thunder replaced Ben E. King as the lead singer for the Drifters, before he began his solo career.  This hard to find gem, a Tommy James cover,  is from a single (B-Side-Verbal Expressions of T.V.).

I can’t find any of Johnny’s early solo records anywhere (other than occasionally on eBay).  If you find them for sale at anything close to a reasonable price, let me know.

Some of Johnny’s later music can be purchased via his website, linked above.

Johnny Thunder - I'm Alive

Johnny Thunder – I’m Alive.

This is one awesome performance of a rocking song.

There’s an interesting interview with Johnny here.

Artist Notice: I am a musician and songwriter.  I do these posts to draw attention to great music in the hopes that our readers will buy these records and allow these artists to continue making great music.  If you don’t want us to feature your music, let us know and we’ll take the song file down immediately.  On the other hand, if you are an artist who does the sort of music we feature, let us know.  We’re always looking for new artists to feature.

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