WordPress for Android


As part of my homewok in preparation for an upcoming post on the Android OS and my new Samsung Galaxy Tab, this is a post written via the WordPress Android app.   It is very similar to the iPad app, which is not necessarily a good thing

Links are done in the same slightly cumbersome way as in the iPad app.  It is managable with a URL shortener, but just barely.  Half my links were broken and had to be fixed via a computer edit.

I never feel like I’m in control of the content or appearance of posts when using these apps.

Adding photos is a strange and unsatisfying process.  I wonder where the random photo I chose will end up.

UPDATE: It gets stuck up at the top, and- as always- is too big.

I wish you could place and manipulate photos more easily.   Media manipulation is clearly the Achilles’ heel of all of the WordPress apps.

The auto-correct on this tablet/app is not very good.

More soon on Android and this tablet.

There is a lot of good and one almost incomprehensible  problem (hint: involving that all important feature, electronic mail), to report.