Apptic Storm: This Week’s Interesting Apps

Here are the apps, hacks and  updates I found interesting over the past week.

Smart File Advisor.  an application that helps in identifying  programs that can be used to open an unidentified  file.

Chrome Clipper.  A handy little Chrome extension that lets you save and manage text snippets for future use.

Snackr.  A robust app that adds RSS feeds to your desktop.

WindowSeat.  An iPhone app that shows you your location on the flight path while airplane mode is on.  Neat idea, but $6.99 is way too much.

SE-DesktopConstructor.  A powerful app that helps you customize your desktop background.  I like the clock and calendar features.

Bookmark Bar Switcher.  Another Chrome extension, that let’s you create and select multiple bookmark bars.

Wallcast.  Turns your desktop background into a personalized display of pictures from you, your family and your friends.

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