Lunar Eclipse & B-Movie Goodness

It was way too cloudy last night for us to see much of the lunar eclipse.  We could catch only glimpses once in a while as the heavy clouds passed overhead.

Fortunately, William Castleman, a professor at the University of Florida and photographer, put together an amazing time lapse video so we can see what we missed.

When I see or read about lunar eclipses, I am reminded of one of my favorite B-horror movies, Messiah of Evil.

It’s a creepy film about a blood red moon, vampire-zombies and, sort of, the Donner Party.  It was made by the same people who later made Howard the Duck and who wrote the screenplay for American Graffiti.  That, friends, is range.

I bought a VHS of Messiah of Evil on eBay back in the day, but I never got it converted to digital format.  That’s not a problem, as the film can be seen, in its entirety, on YouTube.