Four Reasons Why I Cancelled My Angie’s List Subscription

I just cancelled my Angie’s List subscription.  Here’s why.

1. The navigation structure makes Facebook’s navigation seem crisp and intuitive.  I was going to do a screen shot, but then, um, I just carried on living my life.  It’s just too hard to find what you’re looking for.  I could probably live with that, but there are 3 more reasons.

2. They auto-renewed my subscription.  Sure, I probably agreed to that when I signed up a little more than a year ago in an unsuccessful attempt to find a home theater guy.  But it pisses me off when sites do that without sending me an email in advance.  It makes me think they don’t really believe I would knowingly choose to re-up.

3. Worse than the unannounced auto-renew, I just went to cancel my account, and there’s no easy way to do it.  It reminds me of my Rhapsody nightmare.




Notice that there isn’t even an email address listed.  You have to go find it.

So you’ll auto-renew me as a convenience, but I have to call, email or fax (fax?  seriously!?) to cancel.  Hmmm.  Angie’s List should take a page from Hulu Plus, where it is super-easy to cancel (which I just did because I’m simply not going to watch ads).  Hulu even sends an instant email acknowledging the cancellation.

4. Google.

Adios Angie.  They can’t say we never tried.

6 thoughts on “Four Reasons Why I Cancelled My Angie’s List Subscription

  1. So Hulu plus does have ads? I looked at it then thought. Bet ya’ they still have ads. Morons. Not paying for it if it has ads. If I stream it free, I’ll be glad to watch the ads and I’ll watch more and more often.

  2. Yes, it has ads. I didn’t look into it before I signed up. But as I noted it’s easy to cancel, so no harm no foul. Hopefully, they’ll lose the ads at some point. I think I read that YouTube is going to allow ads to be skipped- maybe that will become the trend.

  3. I had to call them on the phone. They did send me an acknowledgement of cancellation via one of them newfangled electronic mails.

  4. AMEN! It’s funny, when I couldn’t find anything on their website allowing me to cancel, I finally filled out the Contact Us form and told them I wanted to cancel. Then I got the expected run-around of “Why..?” I told them it’s the auto-renew. I cancel every subscription, whether it’s software, magazines, anything…that auto-renews. If you think you have a great product and that people will want to renew your product, you wouldn’t have to do dirty tricks to keep customers. Finally a few emails later I also got myself canceled. Ahhhh.. 

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