Evening Reading: 3/1/10

Start that Gaming Addiction Now: Color Me Happy looks like a neat little app for kids.  I’ll have to get a copy for Luke- on Raina’s iPhone.

The Once and Future M.U.L.E.:  One of the best games ever has been reincarnated.

Great Video, Great Cause: This is one of the best music videos I have ever seen.  Led by the great Shane MacGowan.  Recognize the guitar player near the end?

Speaking of Videos: Camera Plus Pro brings video recording to older iPhones.  So does iVideoCamera.

Ain’t I Groovy:  And Phototropedic makes your iPhone photos cool.


My Dog Can Kick Your Honor Roll Dog’s ButtAt surfing.  Caption inspired by a hilarious bumper sticker I saw today.

Apptic Blast: RunKeeper, already a must-have iPhone app, has been updated and improved.  Ground Effect, which looks cool, is free today.

Your Life is an Empty Void:  Until you email something to a fax machine.

Speaking of Spam:  Answer me this- what is a bigger spam-fest, fax machines or trackbacks?  Spam killed fax machines for me (I unplugged the one in my study years ago).  90% of the trackbacks I get are spam.  That’s a pity, as trackbacks were the blog version of a handshake.

Cat (Cougar?) Fight:  Marcia and Jan are fighting again.

Netflix Sucks Now:  Netflix’s capitulation to the greedy movie industry is bugging me.  I am thinking about bailing.  Sad.