Microsoft Store: Moving at the Speed of a Glacier

image My kids are starting to compete for computer time on their shared computer, so I decided to revive the old but still very functional HP Laptop I used to experiment with Ubuntu (verdict: beautiful GUI made useless by a complete inability to configure a wireless card).  Since I wiped the hard drive, I needed to do a clean install of Windows. Having somewhat of a current software obsession, I decided to part with $216.49 to buy a Windows 7 Home Premium license.

All of this happened on Saturday, so I thought I’d save some time and buy this license at the online Microsoft Store.  Did I say this was Saturday?  Three long days ago?

After completing my purchase, I watched my inbox eagerly for my confirmation and Product Key.  I watched.  And watched.  And watched.

Then I decided to go on living my life, and forgot about the whole thing.

Until today, when I got that email, with the confirmation.  And the Product Key.  That’s 3 days.  72 hours.  4,320 minutes.  259,200 seconds.

Which is about 259,170 seconds longer than it should have taken.


In this real-time world where speed is measured in seconds, isn’t it crazy that an online purchase from Microsoft, of all companies, takes 3 days to complete!?

It would have been faster to have it delivered by pony express.  Or on a glacier.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Store: Moving at the Speed of a Glacier

  1. Gee, that is a long time. They could have posted to to you in the mail and got there sooner! Or, perhaps it would have taken less time to find out how to install the wireless networkcard on Ubuntu. I am sure it's possible, just a matter of searching the discussions boards.

  2. Yeah, you would think Microsoft's online store would all automated, but I don't think it is. I think the Monday holiday was part of the reason for the delay..Re Ubuntu: this was several months ago, but at the time it depended on your particular card. Some were easy to configure and some were much harder. I could find any info on my card. Granted, if I had to, I could have probably figured it out, but I just didn't think it should be that hard.

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