Could Mixcloud Be the Holy Grail of Music Apps?

Maybe, if it can just stay in business.

Rather than bore you with a long discussion of what Mixcloud is, I think I’ll just show you.  (Update:  the embed feature doesn’t work at and I have switched to 8tracks.  You can listen to the mix here.)


That’s right.  An easy, legal way to create and share playlists.

The only tools you need to easily create your own playlists are a free Mixcloud account and a way to combine some MP3s into a single file.  There are lots of options for that, but I use and recommend Merge MP3.  It’s free, easy and installs on a flash drive so you can take it with you.

In less than 15 minutes, I registered, installed Merge MP3, picked 10 songs, combined them and uploaded our first Mixcloud RanchoCast.

Pretty awesome, if you ask me.