Evening Reading: 5/17/09

How Not to Catch Tigers:  You need to see this video of a tiger turning the tables on some park rangers who (a) captured her cubs and then (b) decided to ride around on elephants nearby.  Maybe I’m a sissy, but if I’m out trying to catch a tiger, I want to be on something a little faster than an elephant.  Like, say, a Land Rover.  Or a helicopter.

This is as Messed Up as Messed Up Can Be:  So this lady’s diabetic daughter can’t see a doctor, but she gets the vapors at her resulting trial and they call 911?  I would have suggested she say a prayer or something.  I’m a pretty religious guy, and this sort of nonsense really chaps my ass.

Technowhat:  Steven Hodson on Technorati’s efforts to stay relevant, or at least alive.  Technorati had a chance back in the Dave Sifry era, but the train left the station while Technorati was looking for a ticket.

Tis But a DecadeLost in LaMancha is a very interesting documentary about Terry Gilliam’s previously unsuccessful effort to reinvent the Don Quixote story, originally to star Johnny Depp.  Now, probably thanks in part to the legitimization of time travel via Lost, it looks like he may one day succeed.

Comcast Complaint Department:  For the past week or so, my Comcast broadband connection has become spotty, fading out regularly for short periods.  Anyone else having a similar problem?

Science Fiction (Ooh Ooh Ooh) Double Feature Department:  Here’s Someone’s List of the 50 Essential Sci-Fi Films.

King Kahn Department:  Any time the king has a new song, you can count on hearing it here: 69 Faces of Love.  Yeah, that’s pretty tame for the king.  If you want less normal king, try Land of the Freak.  Buy King Kahn and The Shrines records at Amazon. (via Hear Ya)

At the Edge of the Tech Universe:  If just converting LPs to MP3s is not fringe enough for you, here’s how to rip a 78 RPM record to a Mac.  Unfortunately, the only guy who’d ever want to do that is the dude who wrote that article.

Whose Line Was that Anyway100 of the best movie lines in 200 seconds.

Star Trek Department:  Popular Science asks if Warp Speed is possible.  If not, there’s always Ludicrous Speed.

Speaking of Ludicrous:  Here’s some more ludicrous jargon, courtesy of ReadWriteWeb and its beloved semantic web.  I just don’t understand how smart people can react so reverently when they see something like this:

If that was coming out of a horn, it would be perfect for a Monty Python movie.  Honestly, I think if someone expressed this lint in a complex mathematical equation, some of these folks would literally faint from excitement.  Forget all that nerdery, if they want to be all academic and whatnot, RWW should focus only on answering this question.  Maybe it will help that the word Harvard appears in the first line.

Let’s Kill the Monster Before it Takes Over the World:  As much as I fervently wish the Semantic Web concept would disappear off the face of the earth, like most of the other Web 2.whatever concepts, I would be even happier if retweeting was banned by Twitter.  Or Congress.  Or God.  Retweeting is the bastard offspring of three horrible things: laziness, spam and cronyism.

Meanwhile, Back on this Earth:  ReadWriteWeb also takes a look at the Feedburner problem.  Google is gambling with a lot of goodwill, with the way it continues to ignore the epic problems with Feedburner.  Yes, I know there are alternatives, but I also know that a lot of people have built their subscriber numbers using (and in spite of) Feedburner.  Google should spend some of the fortune it made on the back of the publishers who rely on Feedburner and fix it.  Just fracking fix it.

Department of Photographs:  Today’s installment in my quest to become an average photographer includes 14 Great Photography Tips and a primer on shooting portraits on a budget.