Evening Reading: 5/10/09

Department of Holidays: Happy Mother’s Day to Raina and all the other moms out there.  Here’s my post from two years ago about my mom.

Dollhouse Department:  I was pretty underwhelmed by the first few episodes, but the show really grew on me.  I thought the season (and likely series) finale was excellent. io9 has a good recap, an argument that Dollhouse is Joss Whedon’s greatest work, a theory on why everyone in the Dollhouse may be a doll, and a faint hope for a spin-off.  I still prefer Firefly, another great show canned too early by Fox, but I hope we see more Dollhouse.

Drag and Drop Encoding to GoEncodeHD promises a simple drag and drop application to encode your video for playback on your device of choice.  iPhones are supported, of course.

MediaSmart Server Department:  Thankfully, HP has decided to do the right thing and push the new software to the first generation servers, like mine.  No space shuttle required.

Blip.fm Department:  Thanks to @accepta for being the first (to my knowledge) to blip of one of my songs.  Lots of my songs are available via the Blip.fm search box, so please blip away!

Department of Stupidity:  I have and will continue to raise a vigorous defense against those who continually criticize everything Christian, but crap like this does not help my cause.  It’s important to remember that there are extreme views in every organization and in every faith and those at the edges do not represent the generally quieter and more rational majority.

Speaking of Church:  The United Methodist Church has smartly adopted a social media approach to its web site.

Cool Video Department:  Here’s a neat time lapse of a ship moving through Houston at night (via A Welsh View).

Photography Workflow:  Thomas Hawk describes how he manages his massive photography jones.

More Awesome Photography:  I can’t describe how much I dig Joshua Hoffine’s horror photography.  You have to check this out.

Publish or Perish Department:  Here’s a list of 20 top print on demand services.  And here are 6 ways to publish your book.

Hunting for Real Men:  I have no respect (to put it mildly) for those dudes who go to Africa and shoot lions and elephants and whatnot.  They should stone up and do it this way.