New Podcast: EELS #63

Dave and I got together for The Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show #63 this week.  Mike was off doing some sort of real work, so we just talked about him instead of to him.  Among the many other topics we covered are Roy Blumenthal‘s excellent art, Wikipedia, Twitter, my excellent experience with Microsoft’s Live Writer developer support, the very useful Topify and Pogoplug (my review here).

As always, we had lots of good discussion, debate and laughs.  Read more details here, or give us a listen by clicking here.  I’m the one with the funny accent.

If you’re into tech, and particularly if you are a developer of a cool app that needs a little exposure, drop me a line (see the link in the left hand column) and we’ll see about having you on a future show.  Trust me, it’s a good time.