Tech for Grownups: Your Second Tech Blog

Since you’re reading this, congratulations on picking Newsome.Org as your first!

Harry McCracken, smart and interesting guy and former editor of PC World, writes and edits a blog called Technologizer.  If you are at all interested in computers, software, gadgets or other tech topics, it’s a must read.

Here are just a few of Technologizer’s recent posts to whet your appetite:

A Consumer’s Guide to Apple Rumors
The Pleasures and Perils of Going Digital (by the also highly recommended Ed Bott)
Hey, Let’s Design the Kindle 3!
Sony vs. Microsoft: A History of Trash Talk
Microsoft Bows to Critics, Will Change Windows 7 UAC (thank God)
Report: Apple May Enter TV Business

I also really dig his 5 Words reading list posts.

If this one isn’t in your feed reader, add it now.