Evening Reading: 2/10/09

As Google continues to take over my data and my life, I have capitulated to a Shared Items page.  There’s a list of shared items in the Interesting Reading Elsewhere box on the right hand side of this page and here is the RSS feed for my shared items.

I’ll still do the Evening Reading posts, just not as often.

It looks like Sirius XM Radio may be about to follow Circuit City to the bankruptcy court.  Fortunately, it doesn’t look like Sirius XM will follow Circuit City all the way to the deadpool.  I can live without Circuit City, but I need my Grateful Dead channel.

Paging Mrs. Puff: Granny fails driving test 771 times.  Maybe the 772nd try will be the charm.

Earl photographs and writes about Williamsburg.  There’s a great song about Williamsburg by 5 Chinese Brothers.

Only 6 episodes of BSG left.  Very sad.  The BBC is trying to fill the sci-fi void.  Speaking of BSG, does anyone else think the dying leader who will lead them to Earth will be a cylon?

Tropic Thunder moment: I was talking to Suzanne Carr‘s mom today, and she tells me John Denver is hugely popular in China.

I climbed onboard the netbook train with an HP 2133.  I got it because it runs Vista and has a 120 GB hard drive.  James Kendrick liked it.  I do too.  I bought it as a server for Rancho Radio, but I may end up carrying it around with me.

On the other hand, I have no intention of spending $2399+ for a new Dell tablet.  I customized one for grins-  $3104.  No way Jose.  GottaBeMobile has more.  Or should I say less.

Today’s Thought:  On Louisiana.  First it was Kirk and Spock, then just Spock, and now a couple of dogs.

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