Rancho Radio Update: Ad-Free Alt. Country, Classic Rock, Americana and Blues


After messing around with various internet radio options this weekend, I decided on a gameplan for our Rancho Radio radio station (note that I switched the name back from Jukebox Deluxe because the station has been broadcasting for 9 years as Rancho Radio and the change created confusion for our existing listeners). I have decided to do a combination of live and pre-set broadcasts.

Here’s what that means. Assuming we get some traction and the listenership continues to grow, I will broadcast much of the time in live mode. What this means is that our music server, which contains around 28,000 alternative country, classic rock, Americana and blues songs, will crank out the music directly, in real time. You will hear what people at Rancho DeNada hear, as it plays. And best of all, the live broadcasts are AD FREE. During the times I cannot transmit the audio stream directly from our server, we will switch to pre-set mode. This is the same format the station has been operating under for 9 years. Lots of great music, but with a few more ads (I have no control over the ads in pre-set mode).

So if you like hand-picked, mostly commercial free alternative country, classic rock, Americana and blues, give Rancho Radio a try (Update:  Rancho Radio is now Newsome.fm). Below is a real time playlist. Note that the ads that appear in the playlist below DO NOT appear in the live audio stream. If you’re reading this in a feed reader, you may need to visit Newsome.Org to see the real time playlist (cool album art and all).

Give it a listen. Let me know what you think. If you like it, PLEASE pass the word via blogs, twits, etc.