Lots of Music Offerings at Newsome.Org

When I started this site back in 1996, my primary goal was to create a place to promote my music, in hopes of getting a better publishing deal, and more record cuts via direct marketing to recording artists.  Over the past 12 years I added tech, family life, humor and general interest topics to the mix, as I realized that my desire to live indoors trumped my desire be a musician.

But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten my first love.  There’s lots of music to be had at Newsome.Org.  Here’s a summary.

Original Music:  You can stream hundreds of fully produced original song demos at the Err Bear Music page.  Look for the “Read and Hear Songs” menu in the left column of the Err Bear Music page.  There are streaming Play buttons beside almost all the songs on the pages listed under that menu.  Want a preview?  Give Straight into Goodbye a listen.  If you’re one of my old pals from Cheraw, check out Dreams of McKenzie.  You’ll recognize a lot of places mentioned in that song.  If you’re into traditional country, I give you Loser’s Rodeo.  That one was originally called The Mad Max Rodeo and was written a long time ago about a girl named Madeline.  I had to change the name to get it cut, but it worked, as it’s been on several records.

Pandora Stations:  I’ve been a Pandora fan since it was released.  I’ve spent a lot of time fine tuning the ratings, and the results are pretty darn good.  We have three stations to choose from:

1.  Rancho Radio – my favorite online radio station, bar none.  A broad mix of classic rock, alternative country, blues and more.  It plays an eclectic mix of songs, but all of them are good, thanks to Pandora’s music genome and a lot of thumbing up and thumbing down by yours truly.

2. Alt. Country – if you’re interested in a focused alternative country station, this is the one for you.  Seeded with artists like the Drive-By Truckers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Whiskeytown, Lucero, Slobberbone, Reckless Kelly and more.

3. Blues Mix – I really like classic 50s-70s blues.  Byther Smith, Otis Spann, Junior Kimbrough, Otis Rush, Luther Allison, Roy Buchanan and more populate this narrowly tailored, hand cut blues mix.

And don’t forget, you can take Pandora with you on your iPhone!

Jukebox Deluxe:

Update:  we’re now broadcasting 24/7 @ Newsome.fm.

As much as I love my Pandora stations, you can only seed the music that plays there.  You can’t pick the exact songs.  Since I have a (legal) music library of around 28,000 MP3s, I have always liked the idea of picking a specific playlist.  I have used Live365 to operate Newsome.Org’s Jukebox Deluxe (f/k/a Rancho Radio) for years.  It’s a pretty popular Live365 station.  I’m not all that happy with Live365, because I think they put about 3 or 4 times too many ads in my audio stream (I pay several hundred dollars a year for my station).  But it’s the best (or least worst) option I have found so far.  Today I added a completely new rotation to the Jukebox.  Over 30 hours worth of hand-picked albums and songs.  Give it a listen!

As an aside, if there are any developers our there working on a good online radio station service and need a really good classic rock, alternative country and blues station, me and my 28,000 songs would love to talk with you!

Enjoy the music.

UPDATE: I found out that if I broadcast live, there are no in-stream ads on Live365, so I switched my broadcast to live.  I don’t know if it will be feasible long-term, but for now, I’m broadcasting directly from my music server.  This means 28,000 or so songs, with NO ads.