Record Recommendation: Porter, Batiste and Stoltz

I got a new band.  New to me at least.

It’s such a great feeling to discover a really, really great band.  I still remember the first time I heard a Grateful Dead song (Uncle John’s Band), the first time I heard the Allman Brothers (At the Fillmore), the first time I heard the Star Room Boys sing about Gastonia.

pbsrecordI had a moment like over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Delaney and I were driving a friend home, listening to the Jam Band station on XM (one of the great new channels we get post-merger).  Along comes a song medley called Funky Miracle/Sing a Simple Song/Rainy Day Women by a band called Porter Batiste Stoltz.

I was completely blown away 5 minutes into this 11 minute mix of awesomeness.  I recorded a note on my iPhone (via Note2Myself) for future research.

It turns out PBS is comprised of 3 well-known Louisiana musicians.  George Porter, Jr, Russell Batiste, Jr and Brian Stoltz.  Fortunately, you can buy or download the record from Amazon.

I haven’t heard a band rock this hard since, at least, the Allman’s Southbound on Brothers and Sisters.  This could easily end up being my record of the year.

If you like good music, you need to own this record.  And you need to support this kind of music.  So, if I get 10 comments (by 10 different commenters) to this post recommending another great record, I’ll draw two commenters’ names out of a hat and buy each of them a copy of this record.

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