Evening Reading: 12/19/07

Cassidy, my 9 year old, uses only Ask.com for her internet school research.  I asked her why, and she said that’s what they use at school.  I was surprised that Google wasn’t her search engine of choice.  My search engine evolution went like this:  Alta Vista (seems to be still online) to Hotbot (looks dead to me) to Google.

Amy Gahran has a good post on how and why to start blogging.  There are so many reasons people blog.  Many of them are designed, directly or indirectly, around monetary goals.  Those blogs generally bore me, because it’s so easy to spot the true motive.  If you have a financial motive, you must do two things: be honest about it and give people something of value to make it worth their while to visit your blog.  If you’re blogging for other reasons, bless your heart.  In that case, just pick something you care about and write passionately.  Don’t be afraid to ask established bloggers for help.  It’s not that hard to have an active and reasonably popular blog.  It only gets screwed up when you decide you’re a blog star or make it all about money.  Basically, blogs are like email.  Lots of them are spam, lots of them are trying to give you information you don’t need or want, and some of them are fun and informative.

In related news, Wired has 10 tips for new bloggers.  I agree with all but 1 and 9.

Claus Valca on Firefox 3.0 and, perhaps, my new feed reader.  Download Squad has more.  Based on Claus’ post, I am going to try NewsFox.

Needlepoint this truism by Doc Searls and put in on your wall: “today’s ‘social networks’ look to me like yesterday’s online services.”  Amen: “I wonder if it pisses Yahoo off that Myspace has taken over the internet with what is, in large part, merely an updated version of Geocities- something that Yahoo had a decade ago?”

Richard Querin on the “ironically named” Facebook Funwall.  I realize that no one other than Doc and Richard agrees with me, but I just do not understand the Facebook hysteria.  Now if I owned Facebook and was the one making money off all these fence painters, then I would be hysterical.

Bookmark this link: Dwight tells you how to solve the extremely frustrating and reoccurring “my computers can’t see each other” network problem.  Now if someone would just tell me how to once and for all get rid of password protected sharing in Vista…

Hear Ya has the best records of 2007, with MP3’s.  Good list.

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