Podcasting Live in Second Life

SL_001 Just when I thought it could never happen, Dave and Mike have enticed me back into Second Life, this time to record an episode of our Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show from Second Life.  Please accept this invitation to join us at 10:00 PM, central time (8:00 PM SL time), Wednesday, December 19.  Dave has more details.

Here’s the SLURL for the location.  Come by and participate, or just watch.  It’s up to you.

As I have noted before, I relinquished my Second Life account months ago, having become generally bored with the experience.  But after talking to Dave and Mike about their recent experiences in Second Life, I was beginning to wonder if I had been hasty in my decision.  When we decided to podcast from Second Life, I decided to give it another whirl.  I met up with Dave last night, and I have to say that the experience in general seems faster and smoother.  And the voice chat works really well.

My Second Life name is Times Short, and I hope to see you in world tomorrow night.

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