Evening Reading: 9/20/07

Here are the songs that played on my awesome Pandora station while I wrote this post:  The Lemonheads, My Drug Buddy; Hackensaw Boys, Sun’s Work Undone; David Andrews, Everything to Lose; Steve Earle, I Don’t Want to Lose You; Elliott Smith, Ballad of Big Nothing; Hilken Mancini & Chris Colbourn, Situations Count; Whiskeytown, Houses on the Hill; Jon Nolan, Mary (Won’t You Come Along); Son Volt, Driving the View; Paul Westerberg, What a Day (for a Night); Whiskeytown, Under Your Breath; Danny Scherr, Fade Me In; The Foxymorons, The Lazy Librarian’s Son; Cracker, Sunday Train; Fingers Cut, Rough Dream; The Shins, Gone for Good; John Hiatt, Ethylene; Elliott Smith, Rose Parade; Ben Harper, Diamonds on the Inside.  Tell me that’s not an excellent set?  Here’s the link, if you want to listen.

Ed Bott on the non-TIVO DirecTV DVR.  I’ve had a few of them, since I convinced DirecTV to switch out my HD-TIVOs for free.  They are not nearly as good as TIVO’s, primarily because they don’t do suggestions.  But I haven’t had much trouble with them so far.

Frank Paynter on Mint: “I would like to see this application released and supported by a responsible, federally insured financial institution. I’d feel a lot better about establishing a Mint customer relationship through Citi than I would through a private firm that put their eggs in the TechCrunch basket.”

Ian Delaney on Facebook applications.  He does a good job of presenting the pros and cons of Facebook as a way to connect with others.  While I’m no Facebook fan, I agree that for most people, Facebook is an addition to, not an alternative to, personal contact.

J.D. Roth has a good read on beating procrastination.  I’m going to read it…later.

Liz Strauss has 7 Secrets to a Fiercely Loyal Community of Readers.  Good, solid advice.

Tapedeck.Org lets you relive all those mix tapes you made for all those girls all those years ago.

Tom Evslin has a great read on the meaning of livestrong.  Roger Ehrenberg has another great read on living right.  Posts like Roger’s are why I consider myself a student of the blogosphere.

Amy Gahran is checking out Jott.  I got bashed a couple of months ago for saying Jott is more useful than Twitter.  I still feel that way. {Ducking}

Citizen’s Literature: Bill Liversidge’s book is about to come out.  I think it’s cool that Bill stayed the course in the face of obstacles from traditional publishing.

Doc Searls asks if marketing can be conversational.  I have my doubts too.  Conversation with a hidden agenda is not really conversation.  I think you probably can doctor up marketing to become more interesting by using a conversational template, the same way some ads are more tolerable because they adopt a humor template, a musical template, etc.  But if you are only engaging me to sell me something, we are not having a conversation.

Engadget has a roundup of the Canon EOS 40D reviews.  Must…not…buy.  Must…not…

Shelley Powers has a thoughtful take on the Jena 6.  Doug Karr wishes things had developed a little bit differently.  Jackson Miller has some thoughts as well, as does his sister.  The whole thing just makes me sad.

Many thanks to Michael Walsh for including Newsome.Org in his starter list for online tech!

TVSquad on the new Survivor China.  I’m a pretty big Survivor fan, but it’s too early to tell how this one is going to be.  I was sorry to see Chicken go, and I really didn’t like the waitress from New York.  I think it’s interesting that they pre-selected the tribes, probably to avoid a mis-match that can lead to single tribe domination.

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