Evening Reading: 9/18/07

Now that all our computers are full of USB 2 ports, here comes USB 3.

Here’s the thing.  Mint may be the coolest thing since the wheel, but anyone who thinks the average American is going to put his or her financial data (or the names and passwords that allow access thereto) into some online Web 2.whatever application is completely out of touch with mainstream America.  I want someone, anyone, who believes differently to debate me on this topic on one of our podcasts.  Please, I’m begging you.  Paul Stamatiou has a review that discusses Mint’s security measures.

I wonder if these cats know tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Good new music: The Spider BagsHearYa has some MP3s.

Can you think of anything more boring than social networking for lawyers?

Beware of Dog:  Pluto goes on the attack.

I don’t use Internet Explorer much, but those of you who do should check out IE7 Pro.  Dwight has the details.

Earl shares my boredom with the traditional tech-centric blogosphere.  At least TechCrunch 40 is over.  That might help a little.  Or maybe not.

My friend Mike Huffington had a frustrating iPhone experience.  It really irritates me when companies demand to collect more personal information than they reasonably need. 

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