Evening Reading: 9/1/07

Many thanks to Ayelet for picking Newsome.Org as one of her 5 Blog Day Picks!

CD Baby is now selling DRM-free digital downloads.  Several of my musician buddies sell their CDs via CD Baby.  It looks like you have to buy the entire record, as opposed to individual songs, but this is still a good development.  Check out Deadwood, by my old buddy Mark Barker.  Good stuff.

Amazon, who would own the digital music download market if they hadn’t been deeply asleep at the switch, is about to start selling digital music too.

Photoshop College:  60 Advanced Photoshop Tutorials.

Nero, the only CD burning software that has a place on my computer, will release its new version 8 next month.  I hope it can avoid the siren-like call of the bloat monster.

Jeff Balke has a great and accurate post on the Houston music scene.  It’s been downhill for me since the Ale House went yuppie and got torn down.

InstaBloke on blogging myths.  My take in one of the worst sentences ever written:  You probably should post every day, but I don’t ’cause it’s hard, yet quality is probably better than quantity unless you’re trying to be like old media, in which case an Engadget-like posting tempo is probably better, yet it doesn’t really matter if you don’t post a lot or have a niche because good writing, unlike this sentence, is what will turn your visitors into readers, particularly if you write posts like Will Truman and not stupid elitist bullshit like Andrew Keen,  but don’t just comment on the news because there are better looking and higher paid people on TV who do that better than you can, however, if you are only trying to be yourself, there’s no need to fake it, so it doesn’t matter if you can or not, and it’s definitely not OK to make money any way you can.

Here’s another Simpson’s intro- this time Star Wars style.

I agree.  This is what the web was meant for.  Here are a couple of names I generously came up with for my friends’ kids, neither of whom saw the obvious beauty in them.  Bambi Lee Gunderson,  Jesus Earl MacLuckie.

Stowe Boyd sits in my corner of the video blogging debate.

Sometimes you have to slay a purple monster to get to the truth.  Here’s an amazing post and really neat story by Rory Blyth.  I hope we get updates.

The Struggling Writer found a cool Atari label makerSpeaking of Atari… (WARNING: Very Explicit).  I remember the outrage (and deservedly so) over Custer’s Revenge.  I had no idea there was a cottage industry making that sort of game for the Atari 2600.

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