Evening Reading: 7/17/07

Steve Rubel and company have come up with a new way to measure influence.  I agree that Technorati’s George Jetson on the link treadmill approach is flawed.  I sort of agree that activity behind the walls of the social networks needs to be considered.  The problem is that no matter how you pretty it up, the bottom line is that you are measuring popularity much more than authority.  The same factors that keep the blogstars at the top of the links list will keep them at the top of this new list too.  I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with that, and even if there is, sometimes the best mousetrap is the one we have.

Dwight on becoming a zombie ninja on Facebook and his Comcast experience so far.  Like Dwight, my internet access has been down intermittently since Comcast took over, whereas it was solid for years before.  Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe not.  Time will tell.  I just got 6370 down and 355 up.

Frank has an interesting post on a different kind of Gatekeeper.

The Groundhog Post was back in my reader as a new post again today (see prior discussion).

Richard MacManus asks the question of the moment.  I think Facebook is the evolved AOL, but I think that content creators will ultimately gravitate away from walls placed between them and their desired audience.

Scott Adams on when the bull wins.  Funny, and hard to argue with.

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