Evening Reading: 7/16/07

InstaBloke has 10 ways to improve your blog.  I think all of them are spot on, but let me give a special shout out to way number 9.

Chris Brogan on 3 things LinkedIn does better than Facebook.  I have a 4th: create an experience designed for businesspeople as opposed to college kids looking to hook up.  I understand that Facebook has many more community-building tools, and for that reason I use it.  But I still feel a little embarrassed when I log in.  Just a terminology rewrite (poking someone, for crying out loud?) would be a good start.

In the Year 2525: Jeremiah Owyang on the future of corporate websites.  Good list, but I don’t see how item 9 (which I believe in strongly) and item 5 are consistent.  My biggest problem with all the social networks is that they appropriate content created by users for the betterment of the social network’s brand.  I also don’t think mainstream corporate America is going to embrace anything remotely resembling social networking- the same sites many of them currently block completely.

I agree with Joe Wickert.  The only hope for newspapers is to go hyper-local.  I haven’t subscribed to a “big city” newspaper in a decade, but I still subscribe to the weekly paper from my hometown- where I haven’t lived since 1978.

I noticed when I searched for the above link that one of my old buddies, Bernard Stubbs (“De Duk Mon”), passed away this month.  He was a fine man.  I have many of his carved decoys, which are among the finest wood carvings I have ever seen.  He was the coroner in our county for years, which was the reason I referred to him in my song Ghosts in the Graveyard:

The duck man saw it from a mile away
The duck man saw it from a mile away
He knows first hand
The price you pay
When the need for love leads you astray
The duck man saw it from a mile away

I’ll miss De Duk Mon.  He was one of a kind and loved by all.

iMacros for Firefox looks like a very useful application.  I’m going to give it a try.

Here’s a neat trick to get your pigs back inside the fence.  I challenge every one of you to randomly tell this to an elevator full of strangers tomorrow and then blog about the response.

Will Truman is rapidly becoming one of my favorite bloggers.  Here’s the latest on Kyle, who is also Quen and Quenton.  I still think about this post at least once a day.  Highly recommended.

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