Evening Reading: 7/3/07

Chris Kasten on FolderShare.  I use FolderShare all the time, and have written about how underutilized it is many times, including here and here.  FolderShare could be the backbone behind some really useful technology, if Microsoft would just pay a little attention to it.

All FeedBurner features are now free.  UNEASYsilence has a summary of the new free features.  Unfortunately, I only got to read about 50 words of the post because they are doing partial feeds.  What is up with that guys?

InstaBloke on blog coaches: “On the face of it the term is self-explanatory, and the long and short of it is they are recruiting minions to click on their ad-laden blogs or hire them as consultants / speakers to make them rich.”  The problem with the blogosphere is the same as with email, faxes and the telephone- those looking only to make a quick buck screw it up for the rest of us.  The blogosphere is Deadwood, full of prospectors and prostitutes.  Yet, like Deadwood, it is also full of adventure and potential.

Gary Reid: “Why there is no room for tech blogs is because they are eating each other, there’s no real news, any scoop one gets the rest have blogged 5 minutes later. It’s become a place of ‘brands’ [and] there’s no real difference between any of them, so you read the brand you like.”  This is about the best summation of the blogging problem I’ve ever read.

I already created me as a Southpark character.  Here’s me as a Simpsons character (get yours via the link).

Jeremiah Owyang on the sustainability of Digg traffic spikes.  Organic growth is really hard to achieve in the blogosphere.  I am convinced that a little traffic from a lot of places is better than intermittent traffic spikes from one place.  But that’s easier said than done.

It’s not surprising that the Sci-Fi Channel is reaching out to bloggers, but it’s smart nonetheless.

This should go over like a lead balloon.  Here’s my special offer: I can print, stuff, stamp and mail all by myself, thank you very much.

Note to Mashable:  I dig your blog, but Pownce isn’t a Pownce rival.  Otherwise, they have a good read on the so-called “mini-blogging” applications.  Here’s my take: the blogosphere is on the verge on self-imploding thanks to the collective attention span of a gnat and the resultant attention dilution.

Note to the guy/gal with the flashing MyBlogLog icon.  I’m blocking you here, and I suspect others will too.  Flashing graphics were annoying in the nineties.  They still are.

Pramit Singh has a really interesting idea for Michael Moore’s next movie.  I think the privacy angle is the most compelling one, and I continue to be amazed that hordes of people are not demanding that Google stop sticking its nose (and its ads) in our business.

I would never have believed this is real, but Rob Gale and Snopes say it is.

@Scoble: The problem with Twitter is that the archival features of a blog post are absent.  It’s like writing in invisible ink.

Valleywag has an update on the latest Federated Media conversation, advertisement, money making thing.  I really don’t see the value to the advertiser in this, and I see no value whatsoever to the readership/public.  I predict this little experiment will die quietly on the vine.

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