8 Things Meme

Steve Spalding tagged me in the 8 Things meme.  So I need to come up with 8 random things about me…

1) I am left handed, but I write with my right hand because when I was in kindergarten, the teachers made me.  They thought that writing with your left hand was abnormal.

2) I am very impatient in most situations, except fishing.  I am a very patient fisherman, which I why I catch more fish than most people.

3) My first job was as a bag boy at IGA.

4) I love card and board games.  We played Euchre with our friends the Clarks last night.

5) I am profoundly apolitical.  Almost everything about politics and politicians bores me.

6) I was once on the cover of Money Magazine.

7) I think Spaceballs is one of the funniest movies ever made.

8) My cars in order are: 1972 Chevelle Malibu; 1978 Camaro; 1986 Saab 900; 1989 Jeep Cherokee; 1992 Ford Explorer; and 2001 Ford Expedition.

I’m going to follow Steve’s lead and tag only 4 people (instead of the statutory 8):

Be a Good Mom: Because Mike already had his turn and I’m all about girl power.

Warner Crocker: Because, like me, he lives in the overlap of tech and the arts.

Dennis the Peasant: Because I can’t imagine how funny 8 random things about him will be.

Bill Liversidge:  Because I enjoy his writing, and now here’s something he’ll have to write.

If you have already answered this meme, feel (somewhat) free to ignore this tag.

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