Saturday Night Music

I’ve had a few people suggest that, since my podcast career is on life support, I ought to do more music related posts.  I think that’s a good idea, so we’ll give it a try.

araOne of my favorite bands is the Amazing Rhythm Aces, led by one of my favorite songwriters, Russell Smith, who happens to be one of my sister’s neighbors in Tennessee.  I first got turned on to the Aces in college, when I heard their amazing cover of Al Green’s Love and Happiness from their self titled record.  I like all their records, but my favorite is the formerly hard to find, but now happily available, Full House, Aces High live record, which has a ton of great songs, including the best version of Dancing the Night Away.  Go buy some Aces music- you’ll be glad you did.

Another under-appreciated gem is the Allisons’ 1989 self titled record.  You’ll have to buy this one used, but it’s worth it.  Their original Second Coming is fantastic, as is their cover of Homeward Bound.

Finally, for all you Bay area readers, there’s my pal Ray’s band The Buckets.  I don’t know if they’re still together, but their record Song of the True Divided Highway is one of my all time favorites.  Every song on the record is great, including I’m Drunk and Cowgirls.

I’m always looking for more good music to buy.  If you’ve got any music suggestions for me, I’m all eyes and ears.